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Corporate Surveillance Service

Corporate Surveillance

Peter Taylor & Associates provide covert surveillance to fit our client’s requirements. All operations are performed by knowledgeable staff, experienced in the successful completion of surveillance operations for corporate clients. Many of our investigators come from backgrounds such as the police, the military, or security. Our unique levsls of experience should give you, our valued clients, the confidence that our surveillance operations will be completed professionally, meeting our high standards guarantee. Our team prides itself on treating each corporate case on its own merits and providing unique bespoke packages to meet your needs. Covert corporate surveillance is one of our areas of expertise. Whatever your situation, we won’t let you down.

Covert Surveillance Techniques

Our team is experienced in using a variation of covert surveillance techniques. Our successful surveillance methods are varied, incorporating traditional maethods we have been practising for decades, alongside the use of more modern techniques and technology. This flexibility allows us to offer our valued clients the exact type of service they need. Our covert surveillance techniques can be moulded to any requirements, making any operation possible. Upon hearing of your needs, we will discuss the best surveillance technique with you before the operation moves forward. Because our team is equipped to use so many different methods of covert surveillance, we offer a unique and flexible service that cannot be matched. 

Corporate Surveillance Results 

Surveillance is a key service in corporate investigations of fraud, corruption, theft, sickness, absenteeism and much more. Peter Taylor & Associates provide corporate surveillance solutions to meet any situation. Whether a matter of initial investigation, covert surveillance, counter surveillance, or a pro-active risk assessment, we bring the very best level of service to you.

Corporate surveillance has become a standard service provided to both small businesses and large corporations. In today's society, businesses and corporate individuals cannot be too careful with their security. Corporate surveillance can be the answer to many of your business woes. We can work alongside your company discreetly, helping your business to run smoothly and without risk. Alternatively, we can become an essential service working within your company.

Sickness absence is costing businesses millions, internal fraud billions, and corruption brings businesses to a close. Do not take the risk, contact our experienced team on 0161 371 7190.

We are proud of our ability to adapt to any situation. Using the best covert surveillance techniques available, we will meet our client’s needs. With the aid of our experienced logistics team we offer a flexible and unique service to you. Do not hesitate to call.

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